FROST is a type foundry based in the United Kingdom. Working collaboratively with designers and industry leading brands, we design, publish and distribute retail and custom typefaces. Our type combines historical references and contemporary design.


Custom Modification Variable Alphabets Glyphs Logotypes

We offer a range of design services, from modifying one of our existing typefaces, designing additional glyphs or alphabets, drawing logotypes and marques, to producing entirely custom families. We work on a wide range of type-focussed projects, tailored to our clients requirements. We have been commissioned and have licensed typefaces to renowned agencies including Pentagram, Spin, Norgram, Six, Freytag Anderson and many more.


We keep our licensing simple. As standard Desktop, Web and App is included with every license.

Our licenses are now structured by tiers. The tiers are determined by a combination of Desktop users and Web & App views per month. Prices are a one-time fee, so once you've purchased a license you can use the font indefinitely. If you require a license to cover Broadcast (TV, Streaming and Film) or Gaming, please contact us. Read more


Please note that you can only use trial fonts for testing the typeface in your work before purchasing a full license.

We offer trial versions of all of our retail typefaces so that you can test them out before having to purchase a license. The trial fonts only provide a limited character set and come without any OpenType features. Please don’t use these in any published or commercial work, these are strictly provided for personal use.